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Our Mission

Signs By Scott is dedicated to providing you, our customer, with the highest quality product at a reasonable price.  Signs By Scott was founded on the tradition the customer is right and will do everything they can to get you to be one of their completely satisfied customers.

Company History / Profile

Signs By Scott officially opened for business in 2004. It first started off as a way to provide an inexpensive way for other racers to put vinyl lettering on their race cars and trailers.  Since that time, Signs By Scott has expanded to doing vinyl signs for business store fronts, vehicles for business, boats, personal watercraft, personal vehicles to put messages on, banners, school play advertising, and a host of other requests.  Signs By Scott has had the privilege of serving several customers such as you and all have been completely satisfied, there is no reason for you to think you will not be one of the completely satisfied customers as well.

In December 2006, Signs By Scott purchased a laser engraver to expand the services to their customers.  Signs By Scott has engraved on plastics, metal, glass, wood, and bottles all with excellent results.  See our list of items available for engraving for you.  If there is something you need engraving on and do not see it listed, give us a call and let us see if we can help you.  

In March 2010,  Signs By Scott purchased additional equipment to expand the services to their customers.  This new equipment is a dye-sublimation set up. This provides for full color items such as awards, plaques, key chains, shirts, towels, mugs, and a wider host of materials to be printed on.  The dye-sublimation process involves heat and pressure to put your full color image onto the substrate.  See the dye-sublimation page for just a few samples of items we offer and some of our work completed for some of our customers..

In November 2010, Signs By Scott purchased a small rotary engraver for some of the small routine engraving tasks.  This rotary engraving machine will allow us to complete very basic engraving needs using another means to accomplish your tasks.

In March 2012, Signs By Scott purchased yet another rotary engraving machine. This machine is a Gravograph (New Hermes) M40. This engraver is a larger and much more powerful rotary engraving machine than the one from November 2010. This new machine allows us to engrave on a much larger item and allows for more precision and repeatability in the projects we get. The upgraded software allows us to engrave using almost any true type font so you are not restricted to just standard engraving fonts to make your project more personalized. The improved precision allows us to engrave your logo or other picture onto the items desired.

In 2013, Signs By Scott expanded their line of rotary engraving machines. This new machine is very similar to the M40 machine purchased in 2012, but does even more. This machine a Gravograph M40G is the same machine you will see at high end engraving shops in malls and other locations. The biggest advantage this machine does over the M40 is that it will do cylindrical items too. Wine bottles, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and the like. This is not only a upgrade to the M40 machine we currently had, but also a good replacement for the now all but defunked laser engraving machine that has had some issues in the past few years. We are very happy to show you some samples and give you some ideas for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday, or some other special occasion.

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